"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 21 Sneaking Back to the Hidden Castle

At night, Xin Ci dressed in white, a piece of cloth wrapped around her head, she flew into the Hidden Castle.
Watching the guards patrolling the castle, Xin Ci didn’t dare to be careless.
Although secretly entering the castle wasn’t hard, but her white outfit was too conspicuous, she could easily be discovered if she didn’t pay attention. But Xin Ci didn’t have any other clothing to switch into, she just had to pay added attention.
Xin Ci passed the guard, quietly entering Ling Yun Pavilion.
Looking towards Wu Qing’s room, the house was filled with a faint light, Xin Ci’s heart was beating unsteadily.
She really wanted to see Wu Qing, really, really.
Following the sound, Qing Long and Chi Hu dropped down in front of Xin Ci.
“Shen Xin Ci, you really dared to come back. Today don’t think again about killing Master Wu Qing.”
Xin Ci was so shocked she couldn’t react.
Kill Master Wu Qing?
She didn’t want to kill Wu Qing. And how is it in these few days, Wu Qing became Castle Master?
“Brother Qing Long. You’re wrong. I don’t want to kill Wu Qing. He is my husband. Why would I kill him.”
Qing Long and Chi Hu drew out a sword.
“Don’t talk nonsense. Master Ouyang was killed by you, you still quibble. Today we’ll kill you to avenge Master Ouyang.”
Master Ouyang is dead?
Xin Ci froze on the spot, astonished.
How could this be? What actually happened?
Seeing the sword heading towards her, Xin Ci turned to the side avoiding it.
Qing Long and Chi Hu moved to fatally, not giving Xin Ci time to think.
Xin Ci didn’t chance it. She struggled to fight with them.
Wu Qing was woken by the sound of fighting, he got up, grabbed his sword and rushed out.
Seeing the three of them fighting, with one glance Wu Qing recognised Xin Ci in white.
His heart was in so much pain.
You really came to kill me?
Wu Qing move half a step, he had thought he could deceive himself for a period of time. He didn’t think this day would come so fast.
The first time his heart was moved, now it’s changed to just pain?
Shen Xin Ci, in the end I was wrong about you, and I don’t understand you.
Xin Ci did not notice Wu Qing standing in front of the room, she also didn’t see Wu Qing’s pained expression, at the moment she was too busy to notice anything else.
Qing Long and Chi Hu martial arts were similar to Wu Qing, the outcome was already determined with the two working together to defeat Xin Ci.
The hundreds of strikes aimed at Xin Ci a few hit her body.
Fresh blood dripped down Xin Ci’s body. Added that her body’s meridian had not properly recuperated, Xin Ci’s willpower also gradually became fuzzy. Her resistance body movements were also gradually slowing down.
Qing Long discovered a gap, he played his special move – Qing Long Bai Wei.[1]
Seeing the change in an infinite manner, Xin Ci was already powerless to resist.
Wu Qing who had stood behind watching the whole time saw what was happening, hatred already forgotten in his mind, uncontrollably he rushed over, but he was still a step too late.
[1] Literal translation “Dragon moving his tail”.