"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 41 Nangong

Days passed very quickly, Ying Xue’s injury had already healed, Wen Kai did not expect someone to tell Mu Nian Qing what happened.
Xin Ci remained in Lan Yun Pavilion for two days before going to Fang Cao House again. When Wen Kai saw her coming again he frowned nervously, after he just let her come. Worrying about her too much was not beneficial to Wen Kai, he didn’t think too much.
Xin Ci seeing Wen Kai wasn’t in a good mood, also didn’t speak much. She studied herbs seriously every day, in the evening when she left she lit a candle and placed it on Wen Kai’s table.
Mu Nian Qing having just returned directly came to Fang Cao House.
“Wen Kai. Look at what I brought you?”
Mu Nian Qing hadn’t entered the house yet, his voice arrived first. Wen Kai hearing him put down the herbs and walked outside.
Xin Ci put down her book, a slight smile hanging from the corner of her mouth.
She didn’t think he could hear her cousin’s voice.
Mu Nian Qing smiling gave the brocade box in his hand to Wen Kai.
“This is your present.”
Wen Kai opened the silk box, the contours of his face softened.
In the brocade box laid a stick of whole snow white millennium snow ginseng, it was just as cute as a child.
Wen Kai raised his hand to lightly stroke the snow ginseng, his eyes held a stunning light.
“Do you like it?”
Mu Nian Qing seeing Wen Kai’s happy expression, was very satisfied.
Wen Kai closed the brocade box, moved he looked at Mu Nian Qing.
“Mu, thank you.”
Millennium snow ginseng was the most difficult medicinal ingredient to get in the world, snow ginseng were rare as it is, let alone millennium old.
Mu Nan Qing raised his hand to pat Wen Kai’s head. Happily laughing.
“It’s good you like it.”
“Go, sit inside, don’t stand out here.”
Wen Kai hugged the brocade box, turned and entered the house. Mu Nian Qing following behind.
Xin Ci seeing Mu Nan Qing enter, stood up.
Mu Nian Qing turned his head to see an even more tender and beautiful Xin Ci than he when he had left. His heart suddenly stopped half a beat.
Today Xin Ci wore a white long gown, her long, long white hair was only held by a hair pin, a few strands of hair slightly scattered, making her already white face more delicate.
“Xin Ci, has been well lately?”
Xin Ci bowed slightly.
“Thank you for your concern cousin. I’m very well. And I’m very happy learning medicine here every day.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded his head.
“That’s good.” He turned his head to Wen Kai at the side.
“After I left, thank you for taking care of Xin Ci.”
Wen Kai didn’t smile too naturally.
He replied “It was nothing.” Without speaking again.
Xin Ci closed her book and stood up.
“Cousin, you guys talk first. I’m going back.”
Bowing slightly she left Fang Cao House.
“Wen Kai, did anything happen?”
Mu Nian Qing watched Wen Kai, he felt his expression wasn’t very natural.
Wen Kai turned his head, not looking at Mu Nian Qing, placing the brocade box on the table.
“If her finding out she’s pregnant is a matter, then that’s it.”
Mu Nian Qing sat on a chair, frowning.
“What was her reaction afterwards?”
Wen Kai thought back to the situation, his heart suddenly felt somewhat dejected.
“She was very happy.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded his head slightly.
“I know she loves Nangong Wu Qing.”
Wen Kai hearing him lifted his head to look at Mu Nian Qing. What was Mu Nian Qing contemplating right now, that he didn’t hear Wen Kai’s question.
Wen Kai lowered his head, without opening his mouth again.
This was just a coincidence, the surname Nangong doesn’t belong to just one family.