"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 100 Poison

“Like this it’s actually not bitter.”
Xin Ci hearing his words her head lowered so much it couldn’t be any lower. Unexpectedly Wu Qing called to her.
“I don’t need to drink medicine?”
Xin Ci lifted her head to see Wu Qing’s slight nit-picking eyes, she could only take another mouthful to feel Wu Qing.
Drinking the medicine, Wu Qing raised the corners of his mouth slightly, a ray of bright light flashed through his closed eyes.
She was unexpectedly cleaver, this mouthful of medicine is clearly more than the previous mouthful, even her cheeks bulged out. Since she decided to act foolish first then I’ll play with her.
As he swallowed the medicine, Wu Qing stuck out his tongue entangling with hers, kissing even deeper, and even longer.
This tie, Wu Qing took all the air from Xin Ci’s lungs before retreating, smiling at her. He continued wanting her to feed him mouthful by mouthful.
During this time she wasn’t sure if she was being cruelly punished, or it was wonderful thing. Even though each kiss made her nearly choke, but it couldn’t be not said, Xin ci she was very happy. Because Wu Qing hasn’t smiled like this in such a long time, if such a small punishment can be exchanged for his smile, she was willing.
After drinking all the medicine, Xin Ci’s strength had run out. She stood up, taking the medicine bowl.
“Husband rest first, I’ll go prepare some food.”
Wu Qing hearing her words did not stop her, he laid on the bed without a word, eyes closed.
Xin ci seeing Wu Qing’s silent acceptance she turned and left the room. When she stepped out of the door, she was relieved when she saw Liu Quan had really left, she slowly walked to the kitchen.
As she was preparing the food a sword suddenly appeared at Xin Ci’s shoulder, directly at her neck.
“Shen Xin Ci, your life is really great.”
Xin Ci eyes were wide open when she heard the voice.
It was Fei Yan.
Fei Yan also didn’t hide, holding the sword she turned to face Xin Ci.
“Wu Qing’s internal strength backfiring didn’t kill you, when you came back to find Wu Qing you were saved by someone, I was going to let you off, I didn’t think you could still come back here. How is that maid of yours? Didn’t she die so horribly. You never dreamed she would demand your life did you?”
Xin Ci’s eyes looked brightly at Fei Yan, without any expression.
She already long ago expected it when she heard her say her marital art skills had completely been loss, she must have been the person to poison her. Yet she didn’t understand why she only want to nullify her martial art, if the poison to scatter her internal strength was replaced with deadly poison and directly poison her to death wouldn’t that be more convenient.
Fei Yan seeing Xin Ci’s expressionless could only smile.
“Is there something you want to ask me? Are you very curious as to why I didn’t poison you to death?”
Only a trace of a cold smile emerged on Xin Ci’s face, and it was the first time Fei Yan saw this expression, slightly ruthless, slightly contemptuous, but mainly cold. Paired with her white hair she emitted an imposing manner that actually made Fei Yan somewhat afraid.
“Then will Lady Fei Yan tell me right now?”

T/N: Cheeky sweet moment~~~~ before it’s ruined by Fei Yan *sigh*

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