"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 101 In This Way

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Fei Yan looked at Xin Ci, the sword in her hand trembled slightly.
She really wanted to finish her just like this, the threat this woman was to her was too great. But it was still not the time right now, she wanted to kill her, yet also torture her, she hadn’t reached her point of death yet. She must think of a complete plan before making another move.
“There’s really no harm in me telling you, I was only being nice, I wanted to help you find a better home. Such a frail girl like you need to be protected by people, you don’t need to go fight and slaughter. See how good I am to you, I heard you already married someone else, and have two children right? Such a happy family.”
Her face was smiling, but Fei Yan’s heart was nearly swallowed up in anger.
She wanted Wu Qing to see Xin Ci with another man, and kill her. In the end she bought her back. Everything was deviating from her plan. She couldn’t let this carry on.
Xin Ci hearing her words did not move or show any expression at all.
She knew too well Fei Yan’s reasoning wasn’t that simple, but she had no interest in knowing what it was.
“Lady Fei Yan, I have already been here for too long, I believe if I don’t go back husband will certainly come to find her. You can stay here if you want.”
She really didn’t want to waste her energy and carry on dealing with her, husband was waiting for food.
Fei Yan didn’t speak, putting away her sword she turned to leave. At the doorway she suddenly stopped.
“Ah, right. Uncle Kun, his body isn’t very good. Don’t let him work too hard, or else who knows when he’ll just suddenly…”
Xin Ci shocked turned her head to look at Fei Yan, only seeing the corner of her mouth raised, there was a sharpness in her eyes, she turned and left.
She wouldn’t actually even think of hurting her own great uncle? Because Uncle Kun helped her?
Xin Ci stood on the spot lost in thought, her mind was just a mess of confusion.
She wants to torture her? Whoever helps her, she will kill? Not caring if that person is or isn’t her relative. She is too scary, killing her own brother, right now she even…
Xin ci didn’t dare to carry with her thought, Fei Yan must be crazy. Normal people would definitely not do this sort of thing for love.
When Xin Ci carried the congee back to the room, Wu Qing was already waiting impatiently. He paced around the room, seeing Xin Ci enter, he hurried forward grabbing hold of her shoulders.
“Taking so long to make that dish, couldn’t you have ordered a maid to make it?”
Wu Qing shouted at Xin Ci’s ears, having not even sorted out what had happened Xin Ci was so shocked she couldn’t think.
After a while, Xin Ci returned to her senses and lifted her head, coincidentally meeting Wu Qing’s gaze. She couldn’t help her soul from being captivated by those pair of enticing eyes.
“I asked you again, did you not hear?”
Xin Ci regained her senses, smiling as she looked at him.
“Could it be husband didn’t want to eat what I cooked?”
Wu Qing hearing her was in a daze for a moment, looking at her smiling eyes, his heart was actually exceptionally calm. Xin Ci seeing this, single handily helped him to sit on the chair by him, placing the congee on the table. Scooping up a spoonful she gently blew on it before passing it over to Wu Qing.

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