"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 102 You Care for Her

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Wu Qing’s cheeks reddened, he stiffly opened his mouth. Once he drank the congee he looked at Xin Ci with sudden surprise.
This congee melted in his mouth, one swallow, a touch of a sweet scent still lingered between his lips and teeth. He didn’t think her culinary skills would have improved so much over these years he had not seen her.
Seeing Wu Qing peacefully eating the congee she made, Xin Ci’s heart was exceptionally satisfied.
This congee was made from the practice she had with Tian Er and them, when they were still small, Xin Ci taught herself to make food which could easily be digested, for so long she could only make congee which could be presented in the elegant hall.
At noon, Xin Ci was tidying up the clothes to one side, Wu Qing leisured laid on a straight chair basking in the sun, a slight breeze blowing, so that the atmosphere of the room was summery, beautiful.
Suddenly Xin Ci smelled a familiar sandalwood, she quickly put down the clothes and headed to the door. Of course, just as she was leaving Ouyang Jun pushed the door open and entered.
“Uncle Kun.”
Ouyang Shao Kun seeing Xin Ci’s rosy complexion, nodded slightly.
Seems like after Wu Qing woke he didn’t hurt her, glancing at the scene around the room his mind was at peace. Presumably his medicine really did control his chaotic heartbeat.
Wu Qing’s eyes were always following Xin Ci, seeing her walk to the door he wanted to ask her what she was doing, he didn’t think she could actual sense Uncle Kun. Uncle Kun’s martial art skills could be said to be mystical, even he couldn’t sense Uncle Kun’s breathing. How did she do it? Uncle Kun walked closer to him, Wu Qing stood from the chair, he also didn’t salute him just calling.
“Uncle Kun.”
Uncle Kun nodded indicating Wu Qing to sit. Wu Qing sat straight on the chair, seeing Xin Ci taking the bundle of medicine from Ouyang Shao Kun and placing it on the table, and rushing to move a chair to allow Uncle Kun to sit down, his heart suddenly felt slightly warm. But after that moment Wu Qing’s eyes narrowed, revealing a bloodthirsty expression. Because while Ouyang Shao Kun sat down, him and Xin Ci smiled at each other. That smile of mutual understanding was too dazzling, even his heart suddenly tightened. He only felt a sudden pain spread through his chest, violently spraying out a mouthful of blood, dying red flowers on the bedside.
The suddenness of the incident made Xin Ci panic, quickly running to Wu Qing’s side, sticking out her hand wanting to see what was wrong. Who knew Wu Qing would raise his palm pushing Xin Ci away, from the use of internal strength she was pushed at least two meters away, her body was unstable.
Ouyang Shao Kun did not move at all seeing this.
“Xin Ci, you leave fist. Wu Qing and I need to talk.”
Xin Ci nodded, she glanced at Wu Qing’s angry expression profoundly, the pain on her body was already numb, but her heart was in even more pain.
Breathing deeply, Xin Ci turned to leave the room, her back seemed so fragile and thin.
“Wu Qing, do you know why you just spat out blood?”
Wu Qing sorting out his angry mood, picked up a towel wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth and throwing it on the table.
“Maybe the flogging punishment damaged my inner breathing, I’ll be fine after a few days’ rest, no need to worry Uncle Kun.”
Ouyang Shao Kun stood up, walking to the window, looking at Xin Ci’s depressed figure in the courtyard, before turning his head to look at Wu Qing.
“You really care for her.”

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