"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 103 Love and Hate

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Wu Qing hearing his words stood and walked to Ouyang Shao Kun’s side.
“I only hate her.”
Ouyang Shao Kun lifted his hand to stroke his beard and laughed.
“Hate is the other of love. Wu Qing, love and hate exist at the same time. Don’t let hate blind you.”
Wu Qing hearing Uncle Kun’s aged voice, his heart actually miraculously calmed down. Ouyang Shao Kun turned his head to look outside the window.
“Look at her, think about it. You love her and hate her.”
Wu Qing turned his head to look at Xin Ci at his words. At the same time she stood quietly in the courtyard. Dressed in white, her clothes danced with the wind, silver hair flying, her haggard face and grief was so real. But she still smiled. Her smile was so desolate.
Ouyang Shao Kun seeing Wu Qing did not speak, spoke again.
“You love her, but because you love her that’s why you hate her.”
Wu Qing turned his head to look Ouyang Shao Kun.
“How does Uncle Kun know I love her?”
“Could it be you still don’t understand, you can’t fully believe in things you witness yourself, let alone listening only to one-sided words. Did you really see Xin Ci kill Jun? Or did you really see her kill you? If you didn’t, then how are you certain she really did it, and why would you hate her?”
This…could it be? He had hoped everything Fei Yan said was false, but there was no reason for Fei Yan to kill Jun.
“Didn’t you feel there were a lot of questionable things in this matter? Closing yourself off for so many years perhaps your thinking has also stopped?”
Wu Qing looked at Ouyang Shao Kun, eyebrows knitted together slightly.
“Why does Uncle Kun say so, do you perhaps know something?”
Unexpectedly Ouyang Shao Kun waved his hands, walking out.
“What the truth is, you still need to go and find out yourself.”
Standing at the door, Ouyang Shao Kun glanced at Xin Ci.
“Give yourself a chance, and give her a chance.”
Having spoken, his figure disappeared from Wu Qing’s line of sight.
Wu Qing stood on the spot, looking towards the door lost in thought.
The truth? Is there really a truth he didn’t know?
A moment later, Xin Ci pushed open the door and entered. A lingering fear remained in her heart from that hit just now, but she did not want the harmonious atmosphere between her and Wu Qing which was not easily achieved to be destroyed. Taking a few deep breaths, Xin Ci lifted her legs and walked towards the house. Just as she entered the inner room she saw Wu Qing standing in the middle of the hall, face without expression, looking to her like he was in a daze.
Shortly after, a flash of light passed through Wu Qing’s eyes, he said to Xin Ci.
“Follow me.”
Having spoken he turned and walked into the bedroom, Xin Ci shocked followed a moment later.
In the bedroom Wu Qing sat by the table, lifting his hand allowing Xin Ci to sit. Xin Ci not clear what was happening sat opposite Wu Qing. She only saw Wu Qing pour himself a cup of tea taking a sip. The peaceful atmosphere made Xin Ci a bit uncertain, playing with both hands under the table.
“Did you kill Ouyang Jun?”
Wu Qing sudden words caused Xin Ci unable to regain her senses for a moment, looking at him in shock.
Did Uncle Kun tell him something? Why would he ask her like this? Then if she told him, would he believe her?

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