"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 104 Believe

“You only need to answer me yes or no.”
Xin Ci hearing him firmly said.
On hearing that Wu Qing narrowed his eyes looking at Xin Ci. Only seeing her think and not anxious, eyes as clear as glass ball, penetrating.
Could it be she really didn’t do it? Could he believe her?
“If it wasn’t you, then who?”
Xin Ci lowered her head, not knowing whether she should say it. Wu Qing moved closer, single handily lifting her jaw, his warm breath on her face, a blush rising on Xin Ci’s face. “If you don’t tell me everything, how am I supposed to believe you.”
Believe me? Xin Ci stared wide eyed at Wu Qing, only seeing him smile, sitting back on his seat.
“I’m currently in a good mood, afterwards I may not have the time to hear your explanation.”
Xin Ci lowered her head, even if he didn’t believe her, at least he still wants to believe her.
“That night, after you fell asleep, your internal strength was backfiring, as I was about to use the method you taught me to harmonise my breathing, Fei Yan came in. She said she hated me for taking your attention, so she wanted to kill me. And…she also knew about the about your internal strength, in your medicine. She added aphrodisiac.”
Speaking of this, Xin Ci couldn’t help but felt a bit shy.
Wu Qing frowned, thinking about it himself. At this moment, the room was exceptionally quiet, there was only the `[sha, sha]` sound of a breeze brushing past flowers and plant.
That night he was given aphrodisiac, or else he wouldn’t have lost control, and he had taken her before the right time. He had ultimately thought she had hidden her true strength from him, he did not imagine it was Fei Yan who took advantage of his internal strength to hurt her. If it’s like this, then Ouyang Jun also.
Uh? Afterwards.
Xin Ci returned to her senses, continuing to speak.
“Afterwards she wanted to kill me, and I fought with her. Just as I was soon unable to hold on Castle Master Ouyang came, I saw Fei Yan was distracted so I used a flaming palm knocking her towards Castle Master Ouyang, escaping through the nearest window.”
Wu Qing nodded his head, what she sad did match with Fei Yan’s wound, only, Jun was killed by his sword piercing his heart.
“Then that night did you use my sword?”
Xin ci did not hesitate in replying. Under the circumstances of that night she basically didn’t have the time to pick up a sword.
Wu Qing lifted his eyes to Xin Ci, if what she said is true, then after she escaped only Jun and Fei Yan were left in the room. Jun is Fei Yan’s brother, Fei Yan wouldn’t kill her own brother because of him. Unless someone else intruded and killed Jun, Fei Yan passed the blame to Xin Ci, to make him hate her? If so everything would make sense. Only Fei Yan would definitely not let off the murderer who killed Jun, there also should be some clues left behind.
Tired he rubbed his forehead.
“I will investigate again at this time, I hope everything you said is true.”
Xin Ci nodded. Would he believe Fei Yan did it? She simply did not think she would have the opportunity to be cleared of this matter, she only wanted him not to hate her.

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