"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 105 Wen Kai Heartache

Since that day Wu Qing did not make things difficult for Xin Ci again, the two lived together in harmony for a few days. During this time only Uncle Kun occasionally visited, bringing medicine and such.
Xin Ci was very satisfied with this peaceful life, but how long could these days last? She had returned to the Hidden Castle for around a month, All day long she was with Wu Qing, she was really happy. But she wanted to know how Wen Kai’s wounds were, would the two children often cry without her with them?
Quietly standing in the middle of the courtyard, Xin Ci’s hear was already far away.
Several hundred miles away, inside Fang Cao House in You Ming Castle, Wen Kai dressed in white, long hair dancing in the wind. Beautiful face without a trace of colour. Both slightly white lips clutched together tightly, both hands wouldn’t stop tidying the clothes in his hand.
Two children stood by the man’s side, soundlessly watching. Blinking eyes covered with a mist of water.
“You really have to go?”
Just coming in from outside the door Mu Nian Qing looked at Wen Kai.
Wen Kai tied up the bundle in his hand, lifting his head to him.
“I must go, I only need to see Xin Ci is unharmed, I will come back after I’ve sorted out their misunderstanding.”
Wen Kai finished speaking and lowered his head, eyes slightly trembling.
When Nangong Wu Qing took her away there were many questionable matters, he must make sure Xin Ci isn’t in trouble.
Mu Nian Qing seeing what was happening helplessly sighed.
“Xin Ci decided herself to leave with him, she must have thought of the consequences. Wen Kai, why are you…”
“Because I love her.”
Wen Kai interrupted Mu Nian Qing’s words.
“Xin Ci could be in extreme danger, Nangong Wu Qing clearly has a lot of misconceptions about her, if I had the power back then, I would definitely not have allowed Xin Ci to leave with him like that.”
Wen Kai was inevitably somewhat stirred up, both hands tightly holding the bundle.
Upon seeing that Mu Nian Qing lightly sighed.
“You’re blaming me for letting him take Xin Ci away.”
Wen Kai lifted his eyes to look at Mu Nian Qing.
“I only hate myself for not having great martial art skills, unable to protect her.”
Seeing Mu Nian Qing had nothing to say he stopped for a while before speaking.
“Mu, this, I will bring Tian Er with me, Xue Er will be left in your care.”
Mu Nian Qing hearing him looked at him in surprise.
“You’re actually bring Tian Er with you? Tian Er is still so young, how could he endure such a long journey.”
Saying this, a possibility suddenly flashed in his mind.
“Could it be, you want to bring Tian Er to see Nangong Wu Qing, tell him the two children are his?”
Wen Kai nodded.
Tian Er look so alike to Nangong Wu Qing, even if he hated to admit it, but it was the truth. Since Xin Ci had already decided, she will support her. After all he owed her.

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  2. He’s a good man. Better than me. If I raised two babies and their biological parents were abusive assholes, my kids would never meet them until they turn 18. Like hell I would allow shady characters around my kids. The kids can decide if they want to see bio parent once they on their own.