"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 106 Tian Er’s Growth

Mu Nian Qing stood silently at the side watching Wen Kai.
How could he not understand what Wen Kai was thinking, in the end, everything was his fault. Back then he saw Wen Kai had feelings for Xin Ci, he wanted to help him, and coincidentally also had amnesia, everything just seemed so natural. But he didn’t imagine, he didn’t imagine how important Nangong Wu Qing actually was in Xin Ci’s heart, on seeing him, she remembered everything. Should it be called fate? In the end she still decided to leave with Nangong Wu Qing. Before he once blackmailed Xin Ci, forcing her to leave Nangong Wu Qing. This time, he couldn’t be so cruel, he owed Xin Ci.
“Since you’ve already decided, I can’t stop you. I have someone inside the Hidden Castle, Xin Ci is in no danger right now. But what Nangong Wu Qing said is true, Hidden Castle really isn’t like before, this time you must take care, I will order someone to secretly help you.”
Wen Kai nodded, kneeling he looked at Tian Er and asked.
“Tian Er, do you want to come with father to find mother?”
Tian Er nodded his head frantically, on his lovely pink face was a determination not of his age.
“I want to find mother, I want to be with mother.”
Wen Kai raised his hand to touch Tian Er’s head, a trace of pain passed his eyes.
“Daddy, I also want to find mother.”
Xue Er pulled on Wen Kai’s sleeve shaking it.
“Daddy and brother are going to find mother, why not bring Xue Er, does daddy not want Xue Er too?”
Tears fell from her eyes as Xue Er spoke, the tears as shiny as pearls made Wen Kai’s heart feel a pain like needles were stabbing it.
Raising his hands to life Xue Er into his arms, wiping the tears from her cheeks, he softly said.
“Be good Xue Er, daddy and brother are going to a place very far away, there won’t be desserts to eat and you can’t wash, every day you can only eat hard steamed bread, and you have to constantly walk without rest. That sort of harsh lifestyle how could daddy have the heart to let Xue Er go.”
Xue Er lifted her watery eyes, sobbing as she spoke.
“But…Xue Er wants to be with father, mother and brother…we…are family, why…why do we have to be apart?”
Xue Er’s words made Wen Kai stumped for words.
A family, he overthought thinking they were a family. Sadly, no. It was him, who entered into their lives. Xin Ci must be suffering a lot right now, could the her who has recovered her memories still look at him like before? Haha, no. Not ever again.
Returning from his thoughts he looked at the two children, he saw Tian Er pressing his lips together tightly, tears spinning in his eyes, but he wouldn’t allow them to fall. Sighing slightly.
Since Xin Ci was taken away, Tian Er matured a lot at the same time, he wouldn’t cry again, he also wouldn’t pull at him like Xue Er, asking him where Xin Ci went. He only quietly followed at the side, he ate when it was time to eat, slept when it was time to sleep. Tian Ear became too quiet, carrying a seriousness beyond his age, he didn’t know if this sort of growth was good or bad.

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  1. that kid is gonna kill true daddy for sure!! we are closing in on the ending so guessing that there will be a conclusion with this arc.