"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 107 Leave It to You

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Lifting his other hand, he also hugged Tian Er in his arms, looking at the two children.
“Tian Er, Xue Er, you are the children that I cherish the most. Believe me, I will definitely reunite you with your father and mother.”
Yes, he will let them reunite as a family.
Mu Nian Qing standing by the door saw everything, how could he not be clear of the meaning to Wen Kai’s words. It was his fault, causing Xin Ci to be with Wen Kai. Looking at the three people snuggling together, Mu Nian Qing turned and left the room.
Since it is so, he could only use all his might to help them.
Early next morning, outside the entrance of You Ming Castle.
Two rows of guards stood at each side, golden yellow guards uniform shone brightly under the sunlight, sharp eyes. It highlighted their resolute even more.
Mu Nian Qing dressed in green, the fine satin exuding a faint light, his imposing body against the clothes was even more prominent and forceful. Next to him Ming Zhu was dressed in crisp green really suited him.
Xue Er stood by Ming Zhu’s leg, face covered in tear stains. Little hands holding Ming Zhu’s skirt hem, eyes looking at Wen Kai sitting high up on horseback, her pitiful face made it hard for people to steel their hearts.
Wen Kai looked at Xue Er, his heart was extremely sad, but this journey as very harsh, the result unclear, Xue Er was the pearl in his palm, how could he bring her.
“Mu, I leave Xue Er in your care.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded.
“Don’t worry, look after yourself and Tian Er, no matter what safety is number one.”
Wen Kai nodded, extending his eyes to see Xue Er. Maybe this will be the last time he sees her. Tightly holding Tian ER, he gently spoke.
“Tian Er, let us go.”
Tian Er in his arms nodded seriously.
Wen Kai hearing him, spurred the horse on into the forest, leaving.
Seeing the figures disappear into the forest, Xue Er finally couldn’t stand it anymore fighting off Ming Zhu’s hand, she ran forward, wanting to chase after her daddy and brother. Sadly she only ran a few steps unstably, before falling heavily onto the ground.
Her pink delicate small face already covered in tears, was mixed with mud and silt.
Lifting her head, she still looked forward, non-stop crying.
Upon seeing this Ming Zhu, immediately ran up to Xue Er, taking a piece of cloth to wipe the dirt from Xue Er’s face.
“Xue Er, daddy and brother will come back. Is it not good you have auntie with you?”
Xue Er hearing her lifted her little face covered in dirt to look at Ming Zhu.
“Auntie, I want mother, I want daddy.”
Having spoken she fell into Ming Zhu’s arms unable to stand.
“I want daddy, I want mother…”
Ming Zhu sadly stroked Xue Er’s hair, turning her head to look at Mu Nian Qing who had always followed her.
Mu Nian Qing nodded, shouting loudly.
“Bring `Lightning`”
A guard replied, turned and ran into the castle. Mu Nian Qing lightly rested his hand on Ming Zhu’s shoulder, both eyes filled with tenderness, his voice was also exceptionally gently.
“Do you remember what I said last night? Take care of Xue Er, I will frequently write letters.”

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