"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 108 You Know

Ming Zhu nodded her head smartly.
Things had gotten to this stage, she also had a responsibility. Reputation to a woman was extremely important, if it was someone else’s matter she wouldn’t know what to do, but, Xin Ci she…really have suffered too much. Ah…back then she never could have imagined such an outcome. Who knew that when whatever Wu Qing who deserves to die appeared Xin Ci would remember everything. If it wasn’t for him, Xin Ci and Wen Kai would be always happy together.
“Go, take care of the. And yourself.”
Mu Nain Qing nodded, at this time `Lightening` had already been brought over by a guard, stepping sideways, Mu Nian Qing was already sat on the horse.
“Ming Zhu, the house will be reliant on you.”
Hearing his words Ming Zhu’s face revealed a happy expression.
“Don’t worry. Take care.”
Mu Nian Qing turned his head, with a loud `[jia]` he rushed forward.
In the Hidden Castle, Xin Ci sat by the window silently reading a book, the thing that was different from before was, she no longer read martial art secret books, but medical books, this is because Ouyang Shao Kun saw that she had an interest in medicine, giving Xin Ci a few books to read.
These past days, Wu Qing’s wounds had already gotten a lot better, and he was rarely angry. But he still treated Xin Ci like an honoured guest.
Like today, Wu Qing finished drinking his medicine and left, Xin Ci wasn’t bored by herself in the house, she had medical books to pass the time.
Gradually, the sky darkened. Once the bright moon hung high in the sky, did Wu Qing then return to Ling Yun Pavilion.
Tiredly he returned to the room, seeing the serious Xin Ci by the window, it did not help him relax his tired expression. He walked over to Xin Ci’s side and sat down, quietly watching her.
Xin Ci’s beauty has always been faint, especially her silver hair, it didn’t have a slightest impact on her temperament, instead it highlighted her extraordinary calmness.
Today, he went for the entire day, utilising `night` which he had trained alone, but everyone told him the same thing, Fei Yan she, did not leave the castle to seek revenge, only once, did she go to the south for six days before coming back. According to the investigation she actually disappeared in the mountainside by You Ming Castle. What can that explain?
If he presumed another killer could not possibly exist, and if Xin Ci did not kill Jun. Then, the only answer is…Fei Yan. But he could not believe it, Fei Yan had no reason to kill her own brother so he would hate Xin Ci, that was too crazy.
Right now, should he believe Xin Ci, or Fei Yan?
Looking at Xin Ci in front of him, Wu Qing opened his mouth.
“Do you know who it is?”
Xin Ci returned to her senses surprised by the sound, she lifted her eyes to Wu Qing quickly putting down her book.
“Husband, you’re back.”
Wu Qing did not reply, he only repeated himself.
“Tell me, you know who killed Jun, right?”
Xin Ci hearing his words, stared at Wu Qing wide eyed.
Could it be husband discovered something? Why was he asking her right now? Or could he not believe Fei Yan did it.

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