"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 109 What the Truth Is

“I know who did ti, but, will you believe me if I told you?”
Wu Qing’s expression suddenly became indifferent.
“Say it.”
Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing, she calmly opened her mouth.
“Fei Yan.”
Wu Qing hearing her, his face instantly became pale, thin lips clutched tightly together.
“Fei Yan.”
“Fei Yan.”
Xin Ci’s words were like the sound of a devil going through Wu Qing’s brain.
Why is it her, he thought of everyone but wouldn’t have thought of her, even if Xin Ci is misunderstood, he still couldn’t believe it, Fei Yan, would kill her own brother.
“What is your prove?”
Wu Qing’s brain was completely blank. But, he couldn’t just believe it like this.
Xin Ci tought about it.
“I have no proof.”
Wu Qing stared wide eyed at Xin Ci. His tone contained an almost crazy ferocity.
“You don’t have proof and you actually dare to tell me Fei Yan killed her brother. Shen Xin Ci, do you even have a brain at all.”
Xin Ci lowered her head, unable to retort, once Wu Qing is in a rage she would get scared.
Wu Qing seeing Xin Ci’s reaction, knew his attitude was a bit too harsh, he spoke more gently.
“Xin Ci, I believe you, I also hope you didn’t do it. But, I can’t find any evidence that would free you from suspicions.”
Wu Qing’s words moved Xin Ci, nothing else, only that sentence that he believes in her.
Xin Ci lifted her head, facing Wu Qing’s gaze.
“That day, Fei Yan was prepared before she came. She knew what would happen after you’ve been with someone, she added the drug when my internal strength was still not up to your standard, and she also told me, she added some sleeping pills into your medicine, which made you rest. The timing when Castle Master Ouyang entered was also very strange, his Bi Yan Pavilion is three courtyards and a rockery away, why would he come here late at night. Also, my martial art skills were nullified at You Ming Castle, even you didn’t know when you first met me, how would she know. Is it really as she said?”
Xin Ci spoke watching Wu Qing, she already said enough, if Wu Qing couldn’t believe her, then whatever she says is pointless.
Wu Qing shut her eyes, raising his hand to stroke his forehead.
What Xin Ci said wasn’t unreasonable, everything Fei Yan did was indeed questionable. And, he did find out she headed to the vicinity of You Ming Castle. Could it be she really went to harm Xin Ci. But why would she only nullify Xin Ci’s martial art skills? If she hated her that much, she could have just killed Xin Ci.
Thinking for a while, another suspicion arose in Wu Qing’s mind.
“Then according to you, why would Fei Yan know your martial art skills have been nullfied?”
“Because she did it.”
Xin Ci did not hesitate to answer.
This much had already been said, there was no reason to hide anything, whether Wu Qing believed her, the outcome between her and Wu Qing, will just have to be seen.

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