"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 110 I Only Miss You

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“Xin Ci, do you know the price of lying?”
Wu Qing frowned, his hands on the table clutched into tight fists.
“I know, but also don’t know. But I know won’t lie to you.”
Xin ci tone was abnormally calm, both eyes shining with moving colours, making Wu Qing unable to look at them and not feel sentimental.
After a while, Wu Qing regained his senses.
“But you don’t have any evidence, how can I believe you?”
Xin Ci lowered her head, several water droplets hung on her long eyelashes.
Right, what Fei Yan did was so vicious and merciless, malicious. But without any evidence to speak of at all, it can clearly be seen she had thought about this with meticulous care, then how can she proof herself to be innocent? Fei Yan hates her, if she could capture this could his possibly expose her?
“If you help me, I can get Fei Yan to admit everything was done by her.”
“Then if Fei Yan does not admit it??”
Xin Ci hearing it was stunned, right, she hadn’t thought about that, whether it would work wasn’t certain. But, to make husband believe her, for their future, she had to try at least once.
“If I fail, you can do whatever you want, Xin Ci will not complain.”
Hearing her Wu Qing lifted the corners of his mouth slightly.
“You’re already at my disposal.”
Xin Ci sighed deeply hearing his words. Yes, what bargaining chips did she have?
Wu Qing seeing her expression stood up, walking to her he pulled her into his arms, lifting up her jaw with a single hand, seeing the doubt in Xin Ci’s eyes he spoke.
“I can’t help you for nothing.”
“Uh…but, I have nothing.”
A trace of red rose on Xin Ci’s cheeks. Wu Qing placed his hands on her waist, the two people were closely fitted together, this position was too ambiguous.
“Please me and I’ll help you.”
Wu Qing’s seductive words made Xin ci a little dizzy. Instantly, Wu Qing picked Xin ci up in his arms, walking over to the bed. As he placed Xin Ci on the bed, he also pushed himself on the bed.
“Wife, we should rest.”
With a wave of his palm, the candles in the room immediately extinguished.
Xin Ci was still unclear of the situation when Wu Qing held Xin Ci down lowering his head to kiss her lips, sucking hard. Both his hands also wandered over Xin Ci’s body restlessly, taking off clothes…
Xin Ci’s mind was already in a mess because of Wu Qing, but she still remembered Wu Qing called her wife just now? She didn’t imagine it right?
Tears slide down the corners of her eyes, Xin Ci’s heart shaking violently.
Being able to hear him call her wife again, she was really satisfied. Happiness was very simple for her, as long as she and him could be like before, nothing big, she only needed him to care for her, that was enough.
“You’re not allowed to let your imagination run wild, right now you’re only allowed to think of me.”
Wu Qing’s slightly angry words made Xin Ci laugh.
She raised her hand clasping them around Wu Qing’s neck, softly saying.
“I am thinking of you, only you.”
Having spoken, she bought up her own lips.
Wu Qing was dazed for a moment by Xin CI’s movement, before he returned Xin Ci’s kiss, passionately and violently.
To him, no matter what the consequences were, he never wanted to be apart from Shen Xin Ci.

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