"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 111 I Will Kill You

T/N: I some times wonder if it’s best to remove chapter titles so what happens don’t get given away haha

Two days later, in the main hall. All the stewards and law enforcers gathered. Fei Yan stood in the middle, followed by Qing Long and Chi Hu.
Fei Yan holding her shoulders, looked at Ouyang Jun who sat to the side, a hint of murderous intent passed through her eye.
Liu Quan these few days always stood guarding the entrance of Ling Yun Pavilion, not allowing her to enter. It gave Shen Xin Ci and Wu Qing time alone together. How could she not be angry, but Liu Quan only listened to Uncle Kun’s words, but Uncle Kun still stopped her, could it be he already knows? The odds were great, but she couldn’t take the risk.
Uncle Kun, don’t blame Fei Yan for being ruthless, you forced everything to happen.
Ouyang Shao Kun long ago already felt Fei Yan’s murderous aura, but he still gave her an opportunity, after all she was still the blood and flesh of the Ouyang family.
Sighting lightly, Ouyang Shao Kun closed his eyes not wanting other people to see the pain in his eyes.
After a moment, Wu Qing holding hands with Xin Ci walked into the main hall at the same pace, a bright smile hung on both of their faces, Fei Yan seeing this, didn’t even feel her nails digging into her hands.
Waiting until they sat on the main seats.
Qing Long and Chi Hu as well as around one thousand people all kneeled on one knee in greeting.
“Greetings Castle Master.”
Wu Qing made a light `yes` sound, eyes looking towards Fei Yan.
The sinister in her eyes made Wu Qing’s heart uncontrollably shudder once, he had never seen that sort of expression before. Him and Fei Yan had known each other for ten years, how could he not know how Fei Yan felt for him. But feelings could not be forced. He didn’t love her, even if he didn’t marry in his lifetime, he still wouldn’t choose her. He always knew and rejected her, unless she really was still obsessed, casing the big mess of today? He wants to believe Xin Ci, but it was the same, he also wanted to believe Fei Yan, For Xin Ci it was love, but for Fei Yan it was also love, he always cherished her like his own younger sister. Moreover, if Jun was really killed by Fei Yan. Then he owed the Ouyang family too much.
“I wonder why Castle Master called us all here?”
Fe Yan saw the pity in Wu Qing’s eyes, her heart couldn’t help but burst into rage.
What she wanted was his love, what was the meaning with his pitiful eyes?
Wu Qing regained his senses, exposing a charming smile.
“Today I gathered everyone here, because I have a joyous announcement. Since Castle Master Ouyang passed away four years ago, the castle had become even more desolate, gloomy. Now revenge has been sought, I have decided to restore my wife to the status of Lady Castle Master. And in the upcoming days a wedding will be held between Fei Yan and Qing Long. From now, Qing Long will be the Second Master of the castle.
Before Wu Qing could finish speaking, everyone had already started talking in confusion.
Even though the thing with Ouyang Jun’s death already ended with his flogging, but it didn’t mean they would support that woman Shen Xin Ci to be Lady Castle Master. But Lady Fei Yan’s marriage was a good thing, as Wu Qing said, nothing joyous has happened in the castle for so long, even though it was a bit pressured. Everyone could see Qing Long’s abilities, for the past few years while Wu Qing had locked himself away everything to do with the castle was dealt with by him and Chi Hu. That’s why Hidden Castle is like it is today. There was no denying it with Qing Long as Second Master, they were all very convinced.
The murmurs of discussion could not help but enter into Fei Yan’s ears, but in her eyes there was only Wu Qing. Why? Why must he marry her off. And also let Shen Xin Ci to take the place of Lady Castle Master. That was hers, that position belonged to her.
Fei Yan’s eyes burned as if there was a raging fire, and she, was indeed dizzy from the anger rushing in her mind.
She suddenly took out her sword as she looked to stab Xin Ci, her mouth also shouted.
“Shin Xin Ci, I will kill you.”

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