"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 112 Marriage

Xin Ci could not recover her senses as she stared wide eyed watching Fei Yan rush at her with a sword. Only seeing a flash of white, after Xin Ci was blocked by Wu Qing’s body, and Fei Yan had been pushed away by Wu Qing’s one hit, heavily hitting the wall at a distance, she fell to the ground.
Between that time, the main hall was in an uproar. Everyone did not what was happening, they only saw Fei Yan wanting to kill Xin Ci, and was wounded by Wu Qing.
Fei Yan got up standing on the spot with both hands clenched, but her line of sight still did not leave Wu Qing.
“Why? Tell me, why?”
Fei Yan shouted almost crazily.
“Why are you treating me like this? For you, I can abandon anyone, but, why do you hurt me like this.”
No, why was it like this. Wu Qing belonged to her, her.
Fei Yan’s body was completely unstable, yet her eyes did not leave Wu Qing, both eyes filled only with thick hate.
Wu Qing stood in front of Xin Ci, heart beating unstably. He didn’t think Fei Yan would have such a big reaction, if he had bit a bit slow just now, he would be now holding her corpse. Thinking about this, Wu Qing stood imposingly, but when he was just about to speak, Qing Long interrupted.
“Castle Master, Lady Fei Yan was just carried away by a moment of hatred, although she had just committed a huge offence, but it was excusable, please Castle Master spare her.”
Wu Qing hearing him was not angry but smiled, turning around he sat back on his own seat, holding Xin Ci’s hand.
“Wife, look, Qing Long has already started to protect Fei Yan.”
Xin Ci returned to her senses.
“Yes, looks like you and me made a good match.”
Seeing the sword just now her heart was still filled with fear. But this play must carry on.
“Castle Master, Qing Long is only a boorish fellow, I am not fit to be with Lady Fei Yan. Please Castle Master retract your statement.”
Qing Long kneeled on one knee, lowering his head, his words to the point.
Wu Qing couldn’t bear to see Qin Long like this, but he still said.
“The matter is decided, three days later you will marry.”
Qing Long hearing his words lifted his head to look at Wu Qing.
“Castle Master…”
Everyone turned to look at Fei Yan, she stood on the spot, both hands clenched into fists, her body trembled uncontrollably. Suddenly, she lifted her head to shout.
“My marriage does not need to be discussed by you lot to decided, none of you are qualified to do that.”
Wu Qing seeing Fei Yan did not open his mouth, he couldn’t help but hold Xin Ci’s hand tighter. Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing, the pity in his eyes was so real.
Making him act this out was really hard on him.
The noisy main hall quietened so that there was no noise at all. After a while, only a `[hai, hai]` could be heard. Ouyang Shao Kun stood up, staring at Fei Yan.
“They don’t have that qualification, I do.”

T/N: If they do get married then poor Qing Long…

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