"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 113 Confined

“They don’t have that qualification, I do.”
“Uncle Kun.”
Fei Yan’s eyes filled with suspicion looked at Uncle Kun. She didn’t think even Uncle Kun would help them. Ouyang Shao Kun ignored everyone’s gaze and carried on speaking.
“Fei Yan, you’ve long ago reached the peak of your years, you should find a good home, Qing Long is a man, I believe he will treat you well.”
After speaking, Ouyang Shao Kun paused for a moment.
“Don’t be attached to something that isn’t your, cherish what you can haven.”
Fei Yan stared wide eyed at Uncle Kun, with slight disbelief, but also a strong intent to kill.
Uncle Kun’s words clearly showed he knew something, he wanted to help Shen Xin Ci get rid of her? Don’t even bother thinking about it.
“If you want to marry then you marry, no one even dare to think of controlling my life, including you, Ouyang Shao Kun.”
Fei Yan spoke, everyone there who heard it swallowed a mouthful of cold air.
“[Bang]` Wu Qing slapped the table and stood up.
“Ouyang Fei Yan, you dare to be so disrespectful. Come, take her back to her room and imprison her there.”
Fei Yan took a step forward.
“Who dares to touch me.”
The two guards who came forward halted in their steps, they didn’t know who to listen to. Fei Yan was a descendant of the Ouyang Family, like the Castle Master she also had real power. Moreover, if it really came to a fight, these two were not her opponents.
Wu Qing saw their reaction, with a light step he was behind Fei Yan.
“Fei Yan, it seems like I have to get to know you all over again.”
“Wu Qing?”
Fei Yan hearing him turned to look at Wu Qing. She only saw the corners of his lips raise, that smile was mesmerising to others, filled with enticement. But Fei Yan knew Wu Qing really was going to make a move against her. Because there was anger in his eyes.
“Wu Qing, you really want to fight against me?”
“It’s still not too late for you to go back to your room yourself, maybe you were prepared to fight me.”
Wu Qing’s tone was very calm, not a hint of change. But he had ample imposing manner which suffused with his leader style. Just looking at Fei Yan gazing at Wu Qing, not knowing what she was pondering, after a moment, Fei Yan looked down, the corner of her mouth stuck up. She sneered.
“I’ll go myself.”
Having spoken she looked at Xin Ci, the murderous intent in her eyes was so clear. Xin Ci did not speak at all.
Fei Yan turned and was leaving. Those in the main hall parted to make a single path, standing to the sides.
Wu Qing looked at the two people lost in their thoughts.
“Follow her, don’t let her leave her room.”
The two people hurried to follow Fei Yan. Wu Qing watched the three figures disappear, he couldn’t help but shut his eyes, he didn’t think agreeing to Xin Ci’s idea would cause this, right now he was suddenly a bit scared of the consequence. Afraid he could not bear the consequence.

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