"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 114 Deep Feelings

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At night, the clustered trees made an echoing sound as the night wind blew through, the moonlight shone through the branches and leaves spilling on the floor, similar to specks of starlight, and beautiful.
Inside the house, Xin ci sat in front of the window, using candle light to read the medicial book in her hand. And she didn’t discover, the night was about to pass, but her medical book was still on the same page when she first picked it up.
Since coming back at noon, Wu Qing did not say a word, he only laid on his bed fully clothed staring at the roof lost in thoughts. And Xin Ci, mind long ago not on reading, a few moments she would lift her head to look at Wu Qing, and Wu Qing would blink to avoid her, like this this night was welcomed, they did not move at all.
Suddenly, the candle burned out, the house immediately fell into darkness.
Wu Qing returned to his senses, walking a few steps to Xin Ci’s side and pulled her behind him.
Xi Ci hidden behind Wu Qing’s back, smiled faintly looking at his back. His actions just now were extremely natural, making her feel that no matter what, as long as he was by her side she would be safe.
“Husband, it was only the candle burning out.”
Wu Qing hearing Xin Ci’s words could not stop his cheeks from reddening, walking to one side.
“It’s like that, then let us rest.”
Having spoken Wu Qing walked to the bed and took of his outer clothing leaving him in a single layer before lying down.
Xin Ci sighed slightly, walking to sit on the bed.
“Husband, if you…”
Half way through speaking Xin Ci stopped.
How should she say it, right now she wanted to give up? Say that Ouyang Jun was killed by her, so things wouldn’t be difficult for Wu Qing? Then everything she’s done would be for nothing, she might even have to pay with her own life, it wasn’t easy to fight for the opportunity to get her husband to prove her innocence, she’ll give it all up? She didn’t want to, she wanted to be by his side righteously. She didn’t want to live painful life with these unwarranted charges.
Wu Qing turned around in the dark searching for Xin Ci’s eyes, he saw under her eyes were shiny tears.
“What are you thinking about?”
Xin Ci closed her eyes, in the end she decided and said.
“Let us end this, Ouyang Jun was killed by me. Let Fei Yan go don’t carry on this so called plan.”
Having spoken, the pearl like tear drops fell down the corners of Xin Ci’s eyes.
Has it ended? Is there really no chance. The corners of her mouth lifted slightly. It’s fine, as long as husband is happy that’s enough.
Wu Qing looked at Xin Ci in disbelieve. Moonlight faintly shining through the window into the room, Xin Ci’s figure set off against it looked so helpless.
Hearing her he sighed, Wu Qing got up puling Xin Ci into his arms, not saying a word.
Xin Ci’s body was stiff, as she thought Wu Qing would push her away with one palm, condemning her lies, scolding her for being so hateful. But, she did not believe WU Qing would pull her into his arms.
How could Wu Qing not know why Xin Ci had said that, she saw he was upset. Such a kind girl, how could he hurt her again. Right now, he only wanted to cherish her, to make her forget how he had been cruel to her, only making her remember the good.
Gently he forced Xin Ci to lie on the bed, Wu Qing watched her, both eyes filled with deep feelings.
“Don’t lie to me again.”
Hearing the words, Xin Ci stared wide eyed at him, tears wouldn’t stop falling like a broken string of pearls.
Wu Qing smiled, kissing her lips.
That night, there was no hatred, no anger, there was only their endless deep feelings.

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  1. So much hate on Wu Qing but can’t you understand his perspective too? You know, he thought that Xin Ci killed his friend then he thought she tried to kill him too and what’s worse is that he discovered his wife have an affair (with the children even though its his). He thought he was betrayed, cheated and almost got killed by her.