"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 115 Poisoned

In another corner of the Hidden Castle, Fei Yan stood in her own room, lost in thought as she looked outside the window. The corner of her mouth lifted into a smile.
Brother, your sacrifice really wasn’t worth it. I still haven’t gotten Wu Qing. But it doesn’t matter. If I can’t have it other people can’t even think of getting it, I’ll make Wu Qing go and accompany you, haha.
“Haha,” Fei Yan laughed out loud, her face exceptionally sinister. In the dark she was such a frightening person.
Early morning, Xin Ci carried congee back into the room. A smile on her face, her complexion against her white hair was so attractive.
Wu Qing wearing a single layer of clothing, stood by the window with one hand on its frame, sunlight shining on him, expanding like a halo, black hair drifting in the wind, that tranquil and calm lost in thought expression made Wu Qing even more extraordinary, fairy-like, ethereal, fantasy, beautiful.
Turning his head, Wu Qing saw Xin Ci’s dazed expression, lifting the corners of his mouth, he smiled. Adding a bit more charm to his beautiful self.
Seeing him smile, Xin Ci returned to her senses with an embarrassed red face. She sighed slightly walking closer to Wu Qing.
Why can a man be so beautiful?
Placing the congee on to the table, Xin Ci turned to tidy up the bed.
Wu Qing took a slight sip of congee, with a delicious aftertaste. Quietly he looked at Xin Ci’s busy figure, suddenly he felt, this was good.
When Xin Ci had finished tidying the bed Wu Qing had also finished drinking the congee, seeing Wu Qing stand up looking outside the window.
“Let us take a stroll.”
Xin Ci was stunned for a moment, she nodded her head and followed Wu Qing out.
Ling Yun Pavilion’s garden was the same as usual, hundreds of blossoming flowers, a touch of fragrance drifting in the air, not too rich, the two people walked to the pavilion and sat down. Not speaking.
Xin Ci looked at the garden, the past flashed through her mind. She turned her head to look at Wu Qing, a voice in her mind quietly said.
Can we go back to the past? Leave behind her two children and return to his side? Fei Yan had already fallen into their trap, she only needed to follow the plan and enter her room to talk to her, all the wrongs would then disappear, is that really good? Letting everyone in the castle know the young lady of the Ouyang family killed her brother, for a man, for her own dull love? The foundation of the Ouyang family, the world’s admiration would become contempt, right?
As Xin Ci was thinking deeply, Wu Qing suddenly felt his body gradually lose strength, his internal strength also slowly being scattered. What was happening?
Keeping a calm composure, he spoke to Xin Ci.
“When you were cooking congee, did you see anyone else?”
Xin Ci returned to her sense, looking at Wu Qing.
“No, why?”
Wu Qing hearing her had a bad premonition, stabilising himself he stood up.
“Let’s return to the house first.”
Xin Ci also had some suspicions, but she still listened to Wu Qing, standing gup she followed behind him. But taking a few steps Xin Ci noticed something wrong with Wu Qing. He moved forward as if he was being dragged, like he lacked the strength. Xin Ci nervously hurried a few steps to catch up with Wu Qing, supporting him. She saw the beads of sweat hanging on Wu Qing’s face, and his complexion was turning white. At that moment Xin Ci stared wide eyed at Wu Qing.
“Husband, you’ve…been poisoned?”
Wu Qing lowered his head to look at Xin Ci, only because of this expression, he believed, this poison, wasn’t added by her.

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