"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 116 Accomplice

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“I’m fine. Return to the room.”
“Good.” Xin Ci supported Wu Qing wanting to return to the room, unexpectedly when she lifted her head she saw Fei Yan.
She saw Fei Yan standing opposite them, arms folded and holding a sword, and the corners of her mouth were raised…bloodthirstily. Yes, bloodthirstily.
Thinking about this, Xin Ci involuntarily increased the strength in her hand. Wu Qing felt Xin Ci’s anxiety strongly suppressed the discomfort his body was in, standing straight. He softly said.
“Don’t worry.”
His soft voice inexplicably made Xin Ci’s heart settle down, lifting her head, Xin Ci watched Fei Yan, her eyes filled with an unshakable determination.
“I wonder why Lady Fei Yan has come here, you should be in your room soul searching, why don’t you return before anyone finds out. Husband and I will pretend nothing happened.”
Right now the timing wasn’t right, Wu Qing had been poisoned, and not sure what sort of poison. It was not the right time to have a showdown with her, Wu Qing’s body condition was more important than anything.
Fei Yan turned around, looking at the two people in front of her. The smile in her eyes did not reduce by half.
“After today, whether you saw me wouldn’t matter.”
Having spoken, Wu Qing and Xin Ci were stumped for words. Xin Ci suddenly had a bad premonition.
“You added the poison?”
Fei Yan looked at Xin Ci, then laughed out loud.
“Haha, Shen Xin Ci, you aren’t stupid this time.”
Xin Ci hearing her did not speak at that moment, Wu Qing turned his head to look at her.
Seeing Xin Ci’s other hand tightly clenched, her body also shuddering slightly. Suddenly, Xin Ci raised her head, glaring at Fei Yan.
“Ouyang Fei Yan, what did you do? What poison did you use on husband?”
Xin Ci’s shout stunned Wu Qing for a while, afterwards the expression on his face softened.
His little lady sure can be agitated.
“Actually nothing, only added a bit of tendons softener powder in your congee. Speaking of which, you are an accomplice. Regardless if it was last time, or this time, the medicine and food Wu Qing was poisoned with all passed through your hands.”
Fei Yan looking like it was a matter of no concern to her gestured with her hand, standing on the spot.
“That poison was clearly added by you. How could I be an accomplice?”
Wu Qing observed Xin Ci, how could he not feel her agitated emotions. Has Fei Yan been forced to actually tell the truth? Afterwards, what would she want to do? Sadly he couldn’t even raise a bit of internal strength himself, could it be that he will have to let Fei Yan manipulate him? Absolutely not.
“Haha, Shen Xin Ci, I just called you clever now you’ve become stupid. There’s no harm in telling you, since Wu Qing was young he had been following Uncle Kun, if there was poison in the food how could he not find out. He only didn’t discover the poison I added, because, it passed through your hands. Wu Qing basically didn’t pay the slightest attention.”

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