"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 117 Naïve

Xin Ci wide eyes, looked at Fei Yan incredulously, then turned her head to look at Wu Qing.
“What she said…is that true?”
Xin Ci voice trembled slightly, looking at him her eyes were already misty with water. Wu Qing frowned slightly, not speaking.
Fei Yan was right, if Xin Ci didn’t give it to him, he would have noticed there was poison. But under such circumstances how could he say the truth out loud.
Xin Ci watched Wu Qing, feeling his eyes were very deep, not allowing her to see the bottom of it, her heart tugged slightly, so…uncomfortable, sad. Although Wu Qing didn’t say anything, but with that sort of expression in his eyes Xin Ci already knew, what Fei Yan said was true, it was her, who gave Fei Yan the opportunity to poison Wu Qing. Why, was it her?
Tears slid down Xin Ci’s cheeks, that delicate and charming expression made Wu Qing’s heart hurt.
Xin Ci turned, tears whirling as she looked at Fei Yan.
“Last time, you poisoned Wu Qing, you wanted to kill me, like you also killed your brother. This time, what do you want? To kill me? If it’s like that, please give me your sword, rather than die from your hands, I would rather commit suicide.”
Xin Ci finished speaking, Wu Qing pulled her body over, shouting at her.
“What nonsense are you saying?”
Wu Qing’s one sentence, made Xin Ci’s tears fall even more.
“Husband, if I die, if it would allow Fei Yan to stop committing wrongs, then my death would be worth it.”
Wu Qing opened his mouth wanting to say something, but was interrupted by Fei Yan’s laugh.
“Haha, Shen Xin Ci, you are too naïve. How could I let you die so easily. Also, today my target isn’t you. It’s Wu Qing.”
“What did you say?”
Xin Ci hearing her words, quickly stood in front of Wu Qing, anxiously looking at Fei Yan.
Right now her martial art skills were completely gone, Wu Qing was also poisoned and couldn’t use his internal strength. If Fei Yan was to make a move, then between the powers of her and Wu Qing, two people would probably not win against her. But, no matter what, she would protect Wu Qing, even if she dies first, she must not see Wu Qing fall.
Wu Qing looked at Xin Ci currently shielding him, he couldn’t help but smile slightly.
This stupid wife, how could she stop Fei Yan, wasn’t she just sacrificing herself.
Pulling Xin Ci away, Wu Qing stepped forward, sunlight shining brightly on him, making him look even taller and bigger, even though right now he couldn’t use his internal strength, but his oppressive imposing manner did not diminish at all.
“Fei Yan, why did you kill Jun?”
“Ah? You’re asking that.”
Fei Yan laughed as she spoke.
“Brother was willing, he wanted me to be happy, I just killed him to fulfil his wishes. But brother’s death wasn’t worth it. I once promised brother, I would definitely be happy. In the end only there was only Shen Xin Ci in your eyes.”
Fei Yan spoke, then suddenly she spoke angrily.
“If she really did kill my brother, you still wouldn’t do anything to her? Wasting the fondness my brother had for you, in the end us brother and sister, two people couldn’t beat a single Shen Xin Ci.”

T/N: I did not see that part about Fei Yan Jun (○□○)

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