"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 118 Conclusion

T/N: This is not the end despite the title of the chapter~~~

“If she really did kill my brother, you still wouldn’t do anything to her? Wasting the fondness my brother had for you, in the end us brother and sister, two people couldn’t beat a single Shen Xin Ci.”
With Fei Yan’s words cracks appeared in Xin Ci’s mind, and her shocked head was ringing.
the sound of shock rang through her head.
Wu Qing closed his eyes, his whole body exuding a hostility which would make people afraid.
“Fei Yan, I see you basically don’t know what you’re saying.”
“Ha, so funny. You think I’m crazy? You think what I’m saying right now are crazy words?”
Fei Yan took two steps forward, she stopped a few steps away from Wu Qing.
“Please don’t say you didn’t know my brother’s feelings for you, since we were young he always looked at you, whatever was good to eat, fun to play he would give it to you first, then it would be to me. He often looked at you in a daze, you really didn’t see the deep feelings harboured in those sort of eyes? Or did you really always think he was just treating you like a brother. Actually he long ago tragically loved you, but sadly, this lifetime he had no way to be with you., I actually didn’t want to send you to see him, I still waited for you to return, return to my side, I didn’t expect you to fail to appreciate my kindness like this.”
Fei Yan’s voice couldn’t refrain from being slightly agitated.
“I can’t have you, so I won’t let other people have you. Since you love Shen Xin Ci so much, I will separate you two forever between heaven and earth, even in death you won’t see each other.”
There was no wind today, clears skys for miles. But Xin Ci felt all the hairs on her entire body stand up, her body also shook uncontrollably, a warm breeze became extremely cold in a flash, making Xin Ci involuntarily embrace her shoulders.
Fei Yan did this because of love? That her love was too much for people to possibly accept. Isn’t loving a person wanting him to be happy? Why is her love only wanting to possess. This kind of love was too scary.
Fei Yan drew out her sword, pointing it at Wu Qing.
“Wu Qing, go and accompany my brother.”
Having spoken she rushed forward with the sword, Wu Qing seeing what was happening was not frantic at all, he pushed Xin Ci away with his might, he himself dodging to one side, he turned around on the ground, single hand on the ground he looked at Ouyang Fei Yan.
Fei was not angry instead she smiled.
It was more exciting to have a reaction, otherwise ending it with one blow would really be very boring.
The corners of her mouth perked up, Fei Yan rushed at Wu Qing, even though Wu Qing couldn’t use his internal strength, but he utilised his moves to avoid Fei Yan’s attacks and also cope at this moment. Xin Ci stood at the side looking at Wu Qing, both hands clenched tightly. Each stroke of Fei Yan’s blade looked to aim directly at Wu Qing’s vital parts, Wu Qing could avoid them, but she could tell Fei Yan deliberately left room fo it.
Did he really misjudge Fei Yan? She actually got to this stage, cruel up to now.
Fei Yan did not give Wu Qing any time to consider, each strike forcing him into an impasse. Xin Ci standing to one side saw it clearly, Fei Yan clearly wanted to exhaust Wu Qing’s energy. Shouldn’t she go and seek help right now? Find someone to save Wu Qing? But she was so scared, this time Fei Yan really wanted to kill Wu Qing, she was so scared that when she came back she would only see Wu Qing’s corpse.
Seeing Wu Qing’s movements become slower and slower, Fei Yan’s smile became even bigger, this fame will finally end.

T/N: Firstly poor Jun I mean there were hints in the early chapters but nothing that would have led me to think of this. Finally, FY really is crazy, even more crazy than before.

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