"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 119 Deadly Injury

In response to knowing this turn of events was far from good Xin Ci, inadvertently saw a branch rather thick by her foot, without thinking too much, she promptly picked it up and brandishing the stick she rushed forward. From the side of her eye Fei Yan saw Xin Ci, she smiled as she retreated a few steps, lifting the sword in her hand to block the branch.
Xin Ci took a big step back, standing in front of Wu Qing.
“Husband, are you okay?”
Wu Qing straightened, taking a big breath, his body also violently moved up and down.
“I’m fine, quickly retreat…”
Before Wu Qing finished speaking, he saw Fei Yan rushing over with her sword, he quickly ran forward yelling.
“Xin Ci be careful.”
Xin Ci returned to her senses, seeing Fei Yan rushing over she lifted her hand to use the tree branch to block, she only heard a [ka] sound, the branch had been broken, instantly, the air condensed, without half a trace of sound.
After a while, Fei Yan emitted a huge crazy laugh, and Xin Ci was stunned on the spot, she couldn’t believe what had happened in front of her eyes, but drops of tears fell from her widened eyes, like uncontrollable spring water.
Xin Ci screamed lifting her hands to hold Wu Qing in front of her in her arms, his face pale, without a trace of colour.
Just now when Fei Yan rushed over, although Xin Ci used that branch to counter her, but it could not hold against the sharp blade and broke. Just as the sword was about to pierce Xin Ci’s body, Wu Qing pulled her back, holding her in his arms, and that sword, deeply pierced Wu Qing’s body.
“No…no. Husband.”
Xin Ci sat on the ground holding Wu Qing’s body, she could only see the ground beneath Wu Qing’s body covered with blood. His body shook violently.
“Husband, please I beg you, don’t leave me. I beg you…don’t.”
Wu Qing opened his eyes, looking at Xin Ci in front of him. Her hair brushed against his face, it was very comfortable. Her embrace was also very warm. Was this the last time he’ll enjoy it? Does he have to leave now?
At this moment, Ouyang Shao Kun arrived in time.
“Child, quickly let me see Wu Qing.”
Xin Ci lifted her head, fuzzily looking at Uncle Kun, her thoughts didn’t seem very clear.
“Uncle Kun, you want to stop me again?”
Fei Yan seeing Ouyang Shao Kun standing by Wu Qing yelled loudly.
“I’ll even deal with you today.”
Ouyang Shao Kun stood up, looking at Fei Yan before him, it seemed like he didn’t recognise her. Just as Ouyang Shao Kun thought of stepping forward he felt someone pulling his hand, he quickly looked down.
“Uncle Kun, you can’t kill Fei Yan.”
Uncle Kun looked at Wu Qing and nodded. It was considered an answer.
Fei Yan was the only flesh and blood of the Ouyang family, how could he have the heart. But she had gone too far, today he must punish her in the place of her father.
Ouyang Shao Kun advanced to fight against Fei Yan without a weapon in his hand, although each strike was relentless but they were all lenient, Fei Yan did not know the extent of Ouyang Shao Kun’s martial art skills, she only thought he was a weary old body who chanted sutras and prayed to the Buddha all year round that did not need to be concerned with. But today she was unable to injure him even a little bit.
Xin Ci did not have the heart to pay attention to their bitter battle, her whole heart was on Wu Qing’s body.
“Husband, you have to stay strong…you still haven’t. You still haven’t seen our children.”
Xin Ci sobbed, hand tightly holding Wu Qing’s hand.
Wu Qing hearing her, looked at Xin Ci in shock, softly like a whisper he said.

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