"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 120 Endgame

A slight smile appeared on Xin Ci’s face, but on her pale face showed her helplessness, heart-ache.
“Yes, our children…Tian Er and Xue Er…are the children I have with you.”
Wu Qing slightly lifted the corners of his mouth, giving Xin Ci a slight smile.
His children…enough, he owes Xin Ci too much, maybe, he shouldn’t have brought her back at all.
Suddenly, a frail voice entered into Xin Ci and Wu Qing’s ears. Xin Ci turned her head, seeing Wen Kai dressed entirely in white standing behind them, and Tian Er small figure with him at the side.
“Tian Er.”
Tian Er seeing mother quickly ran over with tiny steps, the tears he had accumulated over many days, finally flowed down.
Hugging Xin Ci’s arm, Tian Er whispered continuously.
He finally saw mother, he really missed her, really missed her…
Xin Ci gently stroked Tian Er’s hair, to Tian Er she said.
“Tian Er, quickly call him daddy.”
Wu Qing watched the scene in front of his eyes in shock, he was also surprised by Tian Er’s appearance.
This is his child…he really looked like him, but back then he was so stupid to not have noticed. He was wrong, in the end he was wrong. And he. Was actually wrong beyond reasonable limits, hurting the person he loved the most.
Tian Er blinking with tears in his eyes looked at the man Xin Ci was holding in her arms, he only smiled warmly at him.
This uncle looks very familiar.
Xin Ci seeing Tian Er wouldn’t speak, suddenly shouted.
“Call him daddy, quick call him daddy.”
Tian Er was in a daze from Xin Ci’s shout, he couldn’t open his mouth to say anything even more.
Wu Qing seeing the situation lightly patted Xin Ci’s hand. Weakly saying.
“Xin Ci, don’t force the child. It’s me, it’s my fault.”
Xin Ci hearing him cried even more miserably.
“Husband, you have to live on, I beg you…live one. Don’t leave me, if you die, then there’s no way I can live alone.”
“What nonsense are you saying. You still have…to take care of our…our children, watch them…become adults…”
Wu Qing’s face had a slight smile.
Hearing such words from her before he died, what was he still not satisfied with?
Suddenly Xin Ci thought of something, she quickly turned her head to look at Wen Kai.
“Wen Kai, I beg you to save him.”
Wen Kai seeing Xin Ci’s heartbroken appearance, his heart, long ago wanted to bleed out, especially when she said. “If you die, then there’s no way I can live alone.” He, in the end could not beat him.
Lowering his head in thought for a moment, Wen Kai walked over to them.
Fine. Didn’t he already decide as long as Xin Ci is happy.
Wen Kai did not speak, he lowered his head to look at Wu Qing’s wound, frowning. He quickly produced a small vial from his wrist, taking out a pill to give to Xin Ci.
“First give this to him to eat.”
Xin Ci took it, immediately feeding it to Wu Qing, Wu Qing obediently swallowed the medicine.

If he survives, definitely, he definitely will not do anything wrong to Xin Ci again. But…that is only if…

8 thoughts on “娘子,我才是娃的爹 Wife, I am the baby’s father – Chapter 120 Endgame

  1. such sacrifice…Wen Kai seems to be the abnormal of the novel characters
    everyone seems to have some sort of issues going on
    so close to the completion of the novel
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    1. Sacrifice? He’s a man who lied and used a woman’s lack of memories to trick her into being his wife. He stole another man’s family and never even thought of trying to reunite thier family. He’s a selfish person. He may love her but sleeping with somone who doesn’t even know who they are is fucked up. Letting another man’s children call you father is fucked up. If the original husband didn’t show up and take her away he never would have said anything at all. And why did he wait till she begged him to save him? Isn’t he a doctor? Shouldn’t he have been charging foward to save a life? He’s selfish. He only helps the situation now because there really isn’t any other option besides showing the woman he loves that he’s an asshole by not helping.
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      1. I agreed 100% with what you say. I know men have weakness and all, but doesn’t men of this time have something call integrity and honor? How is he even be considered a gentleman? I mean, from other novels, they are even afraid of touching a woman’s hand in case he’ll ruin her reputation, no matter how much he cares. Not to mention that Wang Kai is a doctor too… all that gentleness and benevolence?
        Honestly, he rightly deserve this right now. You commit the betrayal of your friendship/love, you pay for it. I’m all for love conquer all and everything, but not when it’s base on this kind of deceit.
      2. Can you do it though? Bearing in mind these factors:
        1. No sign of the husband coming for the woman
        2. The woman has been utterly heartbroken from the start
        2. Knowing that the husband is the bad guy
        3. Living with the woman day in and out, experiencing her beautiful heart
        4. The woman during her amnesia depended on you
        It’s unfair to push all the blame to wen kai, he did not fall in love with her appearance only and I believe that xin ci did love him during the time that they were together.
      3. His action to sleep with xin ci maybe wrong but it was due to aphrodisiac. Not all his fault n he never though that wu qing will come back. Please dont accuse him.
      4. Agree…. wen kai is the sober obe…in terms of . memory. so should have not taken advantage of xin ci eventhough she was depending on him during her moments of amnesia.
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  2. If the aphrodisiac excuse is to work then he should have told her after. The truth. His sister made a convenient lie and he let it stay because it was the easiest option to get what he wanted. And if your telling me he only slept with her once I don’t believe you. In his position yes I would have slept with her the first time…. and she would have woken up to me giving her the entire truth unfiltered. I’m not blaming him for loving her I’m blaming him for keeping his mouth shut when the person you love is the last person you should lie to. And don’t give me the lying for her sake bit… lies are ALWAYS a disrespectfull thing to do to somone who trusts you. Even a well intentioned lie.
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