"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 121 Deadly Injury

Looking at Wen Kai, Wu Qing could not help but sigh in his heart.
Also an extraordinary person, if it was him, he would definitely not allow Xin Ci to suffer.
Wen Kai looked at Xin Ci, calmly said.
“This won’t do, first bring him back to his room. He’s lost too much blood, we need to first help him stop the bleeding.”
Xin Ci heard and nodded continuously.
“Fine, fine. As long as you can save him, whatever you say is fine.”
She stopped talking, two people needed to help Wu Qing get up, unexpectedly Wu Qing grasped the two people’s hand and said.
Wen Kai and Xin Ci stopped to look at Wu Qing.
“Husband, right now…we need to get you back to the house…”
Wu Qing raised his hand to interrupt her.
“Let me…finish speaking.”
“If you have something to say, wait until you’re better, then we’ll talk.”
Wu Qing shook his head.
“Listen, let me finish.”
Xin Ci’s tears flowed continuously.
Wu Qing turned his head, looking at Wen Kai.
“I know you love her.”
Wen Kai look at Wu Qing in shock, not knowing why he was saying such things at a time of urgency. Right now not only had he lost a lot of blood, but the sword had even pierced through his back, brushing pass his heart. Ignoring the fact there were delays, even performing emergency treatment on the spot, he was not completely sure of the outcome.
“If…I really die…you…must take care of her.”
“Husband…don’t say it…please I beg you…don’t carry on.”
Xin Ci manically shook her head, not wanting to hear Wu Qing carry on speaking.
“Xin Ci, let me finish, otherwise I…won’t be able to leave peacefully.”
Xin ci lowered her head, tightly holding Wu Qing’s hand. Sobbing.
“This lifetime, I’ve done a lot…of thing I’m sorry for, if I can die…in your arms, I’m already satisfied…but I hope you will…live on, take care of our…children growing up…also…I ask you…to forgive Fei Yan…tell Uncle Kun…don’t kill her…Jun is dead…I already cannot make up for it…Fei Yan is the Ouyang family’s…only flesh and blood…it cannot be ruined…”
Xin Ci buried her head into Wu Qing’s palm, nodding repeatedly.
“Whatever you say…it’s fine.”
The corners of Wu Qing’s mouth rose, revealing a charming smile. Looking at Tian Er.
“Tian Er…right…take care of your mother…as well as daddy…together.”
Wu Qing’s voice became weaker and weaker, until it disappeared.
Wen Kai seeing Wu Qing’s eyes were closed, quickly said.
“Xi Ci, release your hand.”
Xin Ci lifted her head, looking at Wu Qing. Drop by drop tears fell from her eyes. Frozen on the spot, she released Wu Qing’s hand.
Wen Kai seeing the situation did not say anything, exerting his strength he picked Wu Qing up rushing into the house.
Tian Er saw his mother kneeling on the spot, he as a bit scared. He only stood silently by her side.
On another side, Ouyang Shao Kun hit Fei Yan with one palm making her fly to the ground. Fei Yan’s body was already long ago covered in injuries, but her eyes looking at Ouyang Shao Kun were still filled with hate.
Damn it, she unexpectedly, unexpectedly was unable to injure him a little bit. And she already lacked the strength to get up.
Ouyang Shao Kun looked towards the house, and looked back to the already lifeless Xin Ci, thinking for a moment, he still walked to Xin Ci.
Xin Ci hearing that call, slowly lifted her head to look at Ouyang Shao Kun.
“Uncle Kun, husband said, don’t kill Fei Yan, don’t. Kill Fei Yan.”
Ouyang Shao Kun nodded, how could he not understand Wu Qing’s way of thinking.
Upon seeing that Xin Ci smiled slightly, her eyes saw black and she fainted.
Tian Er seeing his mother on the ground, threw himself forward to grab Xin Ci’s arm loudly shouting.

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