"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 96 Just Started

Returning to Ling Yun Pavilion, Liu Quan standing at the entrance did not stop Xin Ci pushing the door open to let her enter the house. Xin ci nodded slightly, in thanks.
Entering the house, she silently sat by the bed watching Wu Qing sleeping soundly. She couldn’t stop herself from raising her hand to gently stroke his frowning eyebrows.
Husband, I will always be by your side. Even if I die, I will die by your side.
At night, the bright moon shone on Ling Yun Pavilion through the window. Xin Ci Xin Ci lifted her hand to touch the bowl on the table, sighing.
“It’s gone cold again.”
Standing up she walked outside, she didn’t know when husband would wake up, so, as she waited she cooked plain congee. Not wanting him to drink it cold when he woke up.
When she had once again walked in carrying cooked congee, Wu Qing had already woken. Silently sitting on the bed, the whip marks on his exposed upper body was so shocking. As if blood would flow out at any time.
“Husband, you’re awake. Is there anywhere you feel uncomfortable.”
Wu Qing’s eyes focused on the gradually approaching Xin Ci, without a word.
Xin Ci smiled in relieve, it was good that she could still remain by his side, what else could she ask for. Walking to him, Xin Ci lifted the spoon in the bowl, lightly blowing on it to cool it before moving it in front of him.
“Husband, let’s eat. Come, open your mouth.”
Xin Ci’s voice was gently, anyone else hearing it would open their mouth, enjoying such a comfortable treatment. But, Wu Qing was an exception. Wu Qing narrowed his eyes at that moment, staring at her. With a hit of his hand he knocked over the bowl in Xin Ci’s hand. Like that the hot bowl of congee splattered all over Xin Ci’s body and arm.
Xin Ci did not expect his sudden movement, she was pushed to the ground, she couldn’t help crying out when she felt the burning pain on her arm and body. Seeing the blister appear on her arm, Xin Ci’s heart tightened slightly. She turned to look at Wu Qing, a mist of water gradually formed in her eyes, people couldn’t help but pity.
Hearing Xin Ci’s call, Wu Qing did not respond at all, he got up putting on his clothes, he walked to her side.
Seeing those emotionless eyes, Xin Ci powerlessly lowered head, she did not realise Wu Qing had stopped, lips coldly raised.
“It hurts? This is just the beginning. Don’t think just because Uncle Kun is protecting you, I won’t dare to do anything to you.”
Xin Ci’s face became paler, her palms tightly clutched together.
Was her body in pain? Or is her heart in pain? She already couldn’t distinguish it.
Wu Qing seeing her pale face, sitting on the floor with no intention of getting up, he couldn’t help but want to carry her over to the bed.
Seeing his raised hands, Wu Qing angry retracted them.
He couldn’t be soft on her, he couldn’t forgive her betrayal. Wu Qing shook his hand walking out the house, not caring for Xin Ci on the floor.
Sitting quietly on the floor, the pain from her body gradually disappearing.
Hearing the shouts of Wu Qing and Liu Quan at the door, Xin Ci slowly stood up, wiping the sudden tears not caring about the pain from her body she started to tidy up.
Husband didn’t want to hurt her, it wasn’t intentional. He was being controlled by something that’s all, he still loves her. Definitely.
Xin Ci’s corner of her mouth raised in a self-mocking smile. This really is a good excuse…

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  1. Thanks for the chapters! She’s trapped in an abusive relationship…I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to stand her undying devotion to her husband…
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  2. Ah…. WQ is possessed by stupidity *hahaha* But so is everyone else, the dumbass who killed her own brother for a dumb guy who doesn’t even bat an eyelid at her and marries a woman he just met on the same day… a woman who falls in love with a man she knows nothing about but the fact that he more or less killed her parents. She is a little bit too much on the nice side… taking all the sh*t that was poured down on her by everyone and keep on being a good girl, I can’t take it xD I want to jump in and give everyone a big slap xD This uncle Kun guy is probably the only one who knows everything, probably even the reason why WQ went on a revenge spree against her parents but he keeps his mouth shut and makes her his adopted daughter…? Of course, the husband who is already thinking that she is some kind of female demon, will not fail to believe that she somehow twisted the old man around her finger, too! :/