"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 97 Humiliated


“How dare you, a mere guard actually dare to stop me. Do you know who is the master of Hidden Castle?”
Wu Qing’s single layer of clothing flew in the night breeze, exposing his sexy bare front chest. His loose long hair also lightly danced in the wind, an unspeakable enchanting charm.
Liu Quan blocking his way did not move at all. Expressionless he opened his mouth.
“Before Uncle Kun comes back please may the Castle Master rest well, don’t leave without authorisation.”
Wu Qing narrowed his eyes, both fists clutched tightly, a strong murderous aura emitted from his body. Liu Quan already felt it, but he did not back down at all. Still with an indifferent expression he stood on the spot.
Damn it, if he wasn’t Uncle Kun’s subordinate I would definitely kill him with one hit.
“Please return Castle Master.”
Wu Qing angrily shook his sleeve, turning to the room door he pushed it open and walked in before loudly shutting it, issuing a loud shout.
The house had already been tied by Xin Ci, Wu Qing looked at Xin Ci to one side shocked, he opened his mouth without emotions.
“You, come here.”
Xin Ci put down the things in her hand, slowly walking to his side.
Who knew Wu Qing would raise his hand and slap her to the ground. The amount of strength was so great Xin Ci’s ear ringed, blood also spilled out of the corner of her mouth, cheeks as hot as fire. Mind unclear, not knowing what just happened, she collapsed on the ground.
Wu Qing looked at the person on the ground, his heart held a bit of pain.
No, he couldn’t be soft hearted. I should be happy, she is a backstabber, she needs to pay for her deceit. This was only the beginning. Yes, this was only the beginning.
Crouching down he raised his hand to gently stroke her silvery white hair, he didn’t want to know why she had become like this. He only wanted to seek revenge, crazily wanted revenge.
Narrowing his eyes, WU Qing pulled her hair making her lift her head.
Xin Ci cried out from the pain of her scalp being pulled.
Looking at her pale face, set off by the red bloodstain by the corner of her mouth.
“Shen Xin Ci, you truly make me very surprise, I didn’t know you unexpectedly have the ability to charm all men. You want me to remain in the house with you? Fine, I will fulfil your wish.”
Having spoken he roughly pulled Xin Ci over by her hair, lifting her into his arms from the floor he picked her up and heavily throwing her onto the bed.
“That hurt.”
As Xin Ci cried out Wu Qing walked to her side pulling her to him, both hands tearing apart her clothes powerfully, only hearing a `[tear]` sound, the clothes in Wu Qing’s hands immediately transformed into dandelion seeds.
Xin Ci shocked lifted her hand to grab the quilt by her body to cover her own body, but just as she grabbed the corner of the quilt Wu Qing entered without any foreplay, the pain made Xin Ci’s body tremble uncontrollably.
Wu Qing violently ran through, not giving her any chance to gasp for breath. Looking at the woman beneath him he cruelly spoke.
“Shout, shout loudly. I want them all to hear, you are only a woman under my body.”
Hearing Wu Qing’s words, Xin Ci’s tears could not help but fall. Humiliation in her heart, she clenched her mouth shut, not letting her make any sound.

7 thoughts on “娘子,我才是娃的爹 Wife, I am the baby’s father – Chapter 97 Humiliated

  1. I don’t want a happy ending anymore! Burn the house, kill the chickens, send everyone on different paths!! If they both won’t lose their memories, in the end, to start anew, how do you expect both to live together through this? I know many stories have that theme; getting forced, but in the end falling in love, but this one is kinda off that track!
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  2. I must say…the people in this story are dumb. It makes me so angry because none of them even tried to find out the truth. Even if someone knew the truth, he wouldn’t even say it and probably for some stupid reason.
    I’m thankful someone translated this but for the author, I think he forced a lot of things unto the MCs which has no explanations whatsoever. *sigh* Really…
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  3. I kind of dislike how some people in the comments don’t like how this is going. I mean, no one like to see XC abused, i absolutely hate it. But not everything is sunshine and rainbows and good endings in every single novel. There are tragedies too.