"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 98 Liu Quan

After the event, Wu Qing feel into deep sleep. Xin Ci clutching the quilt with both hands tears flowed down like a string of broken pearls. The scenes from just now passed through her mind one by one, humiliated, she wanted to drown herself in a wave of embarrassment. She had endured it until fresh blood flowed out the corner of her mouth, nevertheless she still moaned, crying out, that sound was like a sword sliding into her heart.
So tired, really so tired. How much longer does she have to endure?
Turning her body, looking at the handsome face so close to her she couldn’t help but raise her hand wanting to touch it, but, as she was close to touching it she actually retracted her hand. She didn’t want to disturb him, the peace right now was not easy to come by. Watching Wu Qing, her tear filled face revealed a motherly smile.
Tian Er really looks like him, although when husband laughed it wasn’t as beautiful, cute as Tian Er. But it was even more seductive. It’s been a long time, a long time since she saw husband’s smile. She tilted her mouth slightly, four years, she left him for four whole years.
Breathing in deeply, Xin Ci got up from the bed, lightly stepping on the ground, she opened the closet taking out clothing to wear. Turning to glance at the soundly asleep Wu Qing, her face drew out the smile from her heart.
Husband actually kept her clothes from before, even though there was a slight musty smell on them, but she was already very satisfied.
Xin Ci turned picking up the medicine Uncle Kun had given her and headed outside. If she prepared the medicine right now when husband woke up it could be used. Also preparing some candied fruit should make husband happy. Pushing open the door she couldn’t help but get red in the face when she saw Liu Quan still standing outside the door, he must have heard everything last night.
Liu Quan seeing Xin Ci’s expression knew what she was thinking, in order to sooth her worries he only spoke indifferently.
“Castle Master’s wife is going to prepare medicine? Why don’t you give it to this servant, it’s still early, Castle Master wife go rest.”
How could Xin Ci not know Liu Quan was worried about her experience, she bowed slightly to show gratitude.
“Xin Ci will still do it herself, Liu guard has been standing there for one day and night without even a drop of water, even an iron body cannot withstand it. Husband has no serious problems now. Liu guard should go and rest.”
Liu Quan did not move at all
“This servant appreciates the Castle Master wife’s kindness. This servant can still carry one, wait until Castle Master wakes up then this servant will leave.”
Xin Ci nodded her head, not saying much more.
“Then Xin Ci will prepare the medicine, and trouble Liu guard and wait here.”
She spoke and nodded her head turning to leave.
And Liu Quan watched Xin Ci’s back deep in thought for a while. He had heard the woman who had killed Castle Master Ouyang Jun had a heart of a devil, using seduction to get Second Master, becoming the Second Lady for an opportunity to kill. Before he would have believed the rumours, but after meeting the actual person all the rumours became in more just rumours to him. He could not believe such a gentle, intelligent and kind-hearted girl would be as they describe. He believed Uncle Kun also knew everything, otherwise he wouldn’t protect her.

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    1. And I’m losing hope for the female lead…and the direction of the story in general. Also, I’m confused…isn’t this Liu Quan fellow one of the two people present (other than Wu Qing) when Xin Ci returned that night after Fei Yan’s attack? Hadn’t they (the two persons) believed that Xin Ci had come back to complete the job of killing Wu Qing and even attacked her before her cousin arrived?
      So why does it seem like he’s never actually met Xin Ci until now? Or are they different people…I’m too tired to go back to that chapter and find out.
      Anyway this silly woman is really starting to annoy me with her “Husband…” *pained look* and “Husband…” *depressing smile*. What a Mary Sue!
      Really, Author? Are we really going down this route?
      And I would much rather have preferred it if Wu Qing was acting out simply because he wanted to take revenge and not because he is now possessed by “something” that went wrong during his training. How tasteless.
      But all the same, thanks for your hard work.
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      1. They said he is working for uncle Kun, so this guy standing guard really never have met the female lead before.
        I lost hope for her even before I lost hope for the main lead. She is a little bit too nice, too forgiven. I bet she would even forgive that b*tch who killed her brother if she just start to beg for forgiveness 😦
        Maybe this is Stockholm Syndrome!? 😀 *would explain some points* xD
        Male leads ‘only’ flaw is his stupidity and pettiness. He couldn’t know but refuse to think about it and just took everything they said for real. Instead of ‘just’ killing her he is so petty for revenge that he wants to humiliate her and make her suffer… I do understand his thirst for revenge but he went on a very unmanly way! Shame!
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      2. I totally agree with you. *sigh* The author probably doesn’t have much idea and just forced a lot of things to both MCs. I got irritated by the female lead when she forgave and even risked her life for the maid who was dumb enough to accept something from an unknown person (Fei whatever) and poison her. OMG…just…just where is your brain?! You didn’t even try to find out who it was! OMG!
  1. The male lead is pissing me off. When is this endless angry going to be over with? I want to punch the shit out of the male lead. and kick the crap our of the villan for causing all this. D:<
  2. Thanks for the chapter! At this point, I think I’ll read on just to know what the ending is. I have a feeling I’ll be outraged by resolution, but if this cycle of abuse continues for 10 more chapters, I don’t think I’ll read the novel to the end.
  3. must keep reminding self that the WQ is possessed, this is not his usual self though he doesn’t seem clever from the very beginning