"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 99 Drink Medicine

It was already very bright by the time Xin Ci came back, Liu Guan was still guarding at the door, she nodded slightly in greetings, pushing the door open and entering.
As Xin Ci entered the room she felt two fiery eyes watching her, she turned her head towards it only to see Wu Qing had already woken up, he sat on the bed wearing a simple clothes. And those eyes came from him.
Silently taking a deep breath, Xin Ci smiled and walked to Wu Qing.
“Husband, this is the medicine Uncle Kun brought, the temperature is just right, drink it first.”
Speaking she brought the medicine to Wu Qing. Wu Qing glanced at the medicine, lifting his head to look at Xin Ci.
“You disappeared early this morning because of this bowl of medicine?”
Xin Ci nodded. At this moment Wu Qing’s complexion was a lot more at ease. Looking at the bowl of medicine, the corner of his mouth raised in a smile.
“You want me to drink this bowl of medicine?”
Xin Ci answered without a doubt.
“This medicine can clear the body of any residual toxins, and help wounds heal quicker. Husband quickly drink it, it’ll get cold soon and very bitter.”
Wu Qing laughed, it was a laugh from the heart, those enticing eyes, shallow laughter from his mouth, made hundreds of flowers ashamed.
Xin Ci looked at the man in front of her in a daze, engrossed in them, she only saw his lips move. She couldn’t help returning to her senses and gently asking.
“Husband, what did you just say just now?”
Wu Qing did not make things difficult, he only spoke again.
“I want you to feed me.”
Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing suspiciously.
“Husband, this medicine is best drunk with one gulp, otherwise it’ll be very bitter.”
“I want you to feed me, you drink first, mouthful by mouthful feed me.”
Wu Qing’s voice was very warm, Xin Ci flickered her eyes at him. Thinking about it. After a moment, Xin Ci was stumped for words. Husband didn’t mean that did he. Thinking about that possibility two red clouds couldn’t help but rise on Xin Ci’s cheeks.
Wu Qing was well aware of it and said.
“Just as you think.”
Making Xin Ci immediately begin to stutter.
“What? Isn’t it said husband and wife will share their pain? You don’t agree?”
Wu Qing’s smile immediately disappeared, only indifference and contempt. Xin Ci was shocked, she quickly answered.
“I agree.”
She didn’t want to lose, she didn’t want to lose his smile. Wu Qing hearing her recovered his smile, leisurely waiting for Xin Ci to feed him to `drink` the medicine.
Xin Ci took a deep breath, taking a mouthful of medicine Xin Ci lowered her head to Wu Qing pushing their lips together. She gently opened her mouth letting the medicine flow into Wu Qing’s mouth, suddenly the bitterness of the medicine spread in both their mouths, having finished one mouthful of medicine just as Xin Ci wanted to get up Wu Qing caught hold of her head with hand, not letting her leave, his tongue also took the opportunity to slip in, Xin Ci trapped by this flawless move, did not know how she should react, she only allowed him to kiss her. After a while, the taste of medicine gradually disappeared from the two people’s mouths, instead there was an ambiguity. Wu Qing’s lips left Xin Ci’s, his tongue lipping his lower lip. Seeing Xin Ci’s red cheeks his mood was too good.
“Like this it’s actually not bitter.”

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